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Some VHF Tinkering

On the way home from work on Friday, my attention was brought to my mobile APRS setup, which was showing received callsigns from Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France. Once home I decided to connect up my KAM KPC-9612+ TNC to an old Kenwood PMR and see what I heard. The antenna is just a loft-mounted Diamond […]

1kW 144MHz Amp Pallet

Those of you who have been following this project evolve will have seen how I soldered the transistor to the heat-spreader and before that how I machined the heat-spreader & heat-sink after their initial use. Most recently, I have been building the new W6PQL pallet, based on the revision 4d schematic, found here. This pallet offered […]

VHF Preamps

Ordered a 144 MHz Anglian Transverter from Sam, G4DDK, as well as a DEM L144LNACK-2N low noise preamp for 144 MHz. I am very short of time of late, but it is my intention to experiment with some EME operation this summer and winter, so I figured I had better start buying.