Ham Radio Linux

This page lists a few programs on Linux that I use for Ham Radio. It just reminds me what I need to install when I rebuild my laptop.

sudo apt-get install xdx xlog fldigi wsjt wsjtx xastir grig libhamlib-utils


Xdx is a TCP/IP DX cluster client for Amateur Radio.


xlog is a GTK+ based logging program for Amateur Radio Operators.


fldigi is a digital modem program for ham radio operators.

wsjt & wsjtx

wsjt is a weak signal communications program. It supports multiple operating modes:

  • FSK441 – fast mode for meteor scatter
  • ISCAT-A, ISCAT-B – optimized for meteor and ionospheric scatter
  • JT65A, JT65B, JT65C, JT65B2, JT65C2 – for EME and troposcatter
  • JT4A, JT4B, JT4C, JT4D, JT4E, JT4F, JT4G
  • CW – 15 WPM Morse code, messages structured for EME
  • Echo – for EME echoes

WSJT receiving GB3VHF via JT65B

WSJT receiving 20m

WSJT receiving 20m


Xastir is a graphical application that interfaces ham radio and APRS(tm) internet access to real-time mapping software.


grig is a graphical user interface for the Ham Radio Control Libraries (hamlib) below.


Is a library which many other programs base their radio interface upon. It provides a common software layer to control and interface with radio transceiver hardware.


freedv is a Digital Voice program for HF.

FreeDV has it’s own repository for Linux. See the homepage of the project for information. For the apt package manager, visit the Debian page.