Wireless Cracking

This page describes how to retrieve a lost wireless key. This process more describes my success with the a widely excepted method. I pretty much followed this method through. Visit Aricrack-ng Simple WEP Crack for a guide.

My Setup

  • Dell Inspiron 530
  • Mint Linux 6 (an Adaption of Ubuntu 8.10)
  • Aircrack-ng 1.0 rc1 – (C) 2006,2007,2008 Thomas d’Otreppe (From Ubuntu Repos)
  • Linksys (Cisco) Wireless WUSB54Gv4
  • 2 rolled up copies of the Evening Standard, to allow the antenna into freespace away from the building a little

The antenna setup is shown below:

Bad photo of my wifi antenna on newspapers from the window

  1. The antenna element, typically vertically polarised
  2. The network card, Linksys WUSB54Gv4
  3. The newspapers

What Happened

By following the instructions on this page, I was able to retrieve the key for my example. It should be noted here that after I put the WUSB54Gv4 into monitor mode, using airmon-ng it created a virtual device, mon0. I referred tho this device and not wlan0. This method worked fine. I followed the tutorial completely, and collected around 4million IVs. Computing of the actual key with aircrack-ng too in the region of 5 seconds, although reading in 1.7GBy of data took around 1 minute.

The image below shows the terminal windows doing the work:

Terminal windows doing the work

  • Top/Left: airodump-ng saves the IV’s (Initialisation Vectors) to the harddisk, as a .cap file.
  • Top/Right: aireplay-ng collects ARP requests, and then resends them back into the network, generating more IVs and encrypted data.
  • Bottom/Left: aircrack-ng reads the .cap files, and computes the key using ‘clever algorithms’.
  • Bottom/Right: A section of my desktop wallpaper showing though 🙂

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