Fldigi Settings for IC7100

Fldigi is a Digital modem program for Linux, Free-BSD, OS X, and Windows (XP, NT, W2K, Vista and Win7).

Fldigi Receiving on 20m

My Fldigi Macros (ZIP)

Icom IC-7100

As I could never remember the exact settings for my Icom IC7100 with Fldigi, I have decided to add them here.

Fldigi IC7100

I also use the following hack to get hamlib to talk to the IC7100. Using this trick, hamlib talks to the IC7100 as if it’s a IC7000, which seems to work well enough to set/get modes, frequencies, power, meter readings, and PTT.

sudo grig -m 360 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 19200 -c 0x88 -p -P

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