Future Project Ideas

Some ideas for future projects, plans and the like. Please feel free to Contact Me with suggestions!

  • Fox Hunt / Direction Finding
  • Raspberry Pi Terminal – LCD screen
  • ANPR on Android
  • WSPR beacon & arduino board
  • FPGA Radio – DSP
  • SMT RGB Clock
  • Location Randomised v2
  • NFC NXP chips? Linux drivers. XML file flasher?
  • ODB Car-Engine Interface
  • 3D printer?
  • Arduino LastFM player
  • FCD Upconverter – LO filter
  • Car Laptop Charger
  • Web Oscilloscope
  • Laser measurement
  • Powered Newton’s Cradle
  • Foam dart sentry gun

An online scrapbook full of half-baked projects and silly ideas.