As part of my University degree, I had to learn Java. For my PhD, I wrote mostly in C. Aside from that, I am pretty good in Perl, Python and Visual Basic. I also use CCS C, which is an embedded C compiler for PIC MCUs and the Arduino IDE for Arduino.

I often write small programs to experiment with, so that I can learn how specific parts of the program work. Most of my programs exist only to teach me something and serve as examples.

If I do decide to create a program, I tend to see it though to completion – I like to iron out any bugs – I hate to have a program only half finished.

Many of my past and current projects are on my GitHub Page: M1GEO.

Interesting Links

Somewhere on this page, I had to have this. It’s a list of the best comments ever seen in source code. It makes me seriously laugh, and If you’re a programmer, it’ll probably do the same for you –

An online scrapbook full of half-baked projects and silly ideas.