Please be patient…

I get a lot of emails. I work fully time, every weekday. I also do not get a huge amount of free time. And when I do, I like to work on projects that I can write about here!

While I endeavor to answer my emails, usually during office hours, sometimes I miss the odd one. If you haven’t received a reply and it has been over a week and is still relevant, please feel free to re-send the message. Conversely, spamming with with 5 emails in a day is likely to get you ignored!

I don’t check emails at the weekend…

I don’t check personal emails over the weekend or during public holidays. I spend most of my working life in front of a computer; I like to spend my personal time away from computers and for this reason, I only check emails during after work hours on working weekdays. This enables me to keep some kind of work-life balance, enables me to see my family and loved ones, and occasionally allows me to do some work on my current projects, which in turn will likely end up here!

Where do I click?

Here: Click here to email me (a spam filter will redirect you)

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