PC Rotator Interface

Yaesu Control Box Wiring

The Yaesu G-5400B, G-5600B and G-5500 controllers have an 8-pin DIN connector on the back. The schematic for the rotator shows the connector, but doesn’t make it clear what each pin does.

8-pin DIN socket

The figure above is shown looking at the back of the rotator controller. The pinout is shown below. The wire colours correspond to my build:


Pin Signal Colour
1 Elevation-FB Orange
2 Right White
3 Up Yellow
4 Left Brown
5 Down Blue
6 Azimuth-FB Green
7 +VE (~17V unregulated) Red
8 Ground Black


Check the cable before you plug anything in or out, since you don’t want another job repairing the Yaesu box too!

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