EasySMS Launcher

The EasySMS project allows persons with a Google Android phone to send SMS via a PC. It is a web-based application, but requires either USB or WiFi to connect to the phone. Web pages are created by the phone, and the user is able to use them to send text messages, etc. The set up is a little tricky, and requires using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to connect via USB. WiFi requires entering the IP of the phone into the computer.

This bash script allows for a “button press” approach. It’s complete enough to have basic checking, but it’s not fool proof. But it’s good enough for my use, and I assume it may be useful for others too. It has a Zenity interface (for use with Gnome) but also talks nicely to the terminal. It may require some modifications for use with KDE (just find/replace Zenity with KDEDialog – or whatever it is).

You will need to edit the file, as the first few lines set the ADB location, your preferred browser path, and an icon (for prettiness).


Quick Launcher Icon
Connection method dialog
Open browser dialog


Bash Script : EasySMS.sh

Download the script, available as EasySMS.sh

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