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Welcome to George Smart’s Homepage!

Hello and welcome to George Smart’s space on the Internet. This site documents many of my projects in the form of articles (Pages) which can be accessed from the drop-down menus at the top. Chronologically ordered blog-style updates (Posts) can be found from the Recent Posts and Archives menus on the left. The search dialogue should look everywhere.

The website has recently (February 2017) migrated to a new content management system. Many of the URLs should stay the same, and will hopefully redirect. Some pages have been merged. Finally, some pages which did not fit the new feel of the website have been removed. The old site will be visible at the following link, but will not be updated:

If you spot any dead links or problems with the pages, then please do Contact Me. Since I have limited time, I haven’t checked all of the pages here as thoroughly as perhaps I should have.


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