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I’ve been doing CQWW as a somewhat casual attempt to work some DX for the past few years, but this year I took it to the next level to organise an event with my local radio club.

There is a full analysis of the log for the weekend, including the KML files from which the following were taken. Where information is not available for a given callsign, the pin has been inserted into the centre of each country with an asterisk or question mark to indicate.

For the rest of the log analysis, please click 2014 CQWW SSB

Mail Server Changes

I have made a few changes to the mail server configurations for the domains I host. I was receiving around 100 spam emails per day, because I was worried about missing mail. Under these new settings everything seems fine still, but just in case you email and get no reply…

Friedrichshafen 2014

From 28 June to 2 July 2014, a few of us where about and about in Europe! I drove to the Ham Radio Friedrichshafen International Exhibition for the second time, this time leaving a few days each side to recover from the long drive. In the first spare day we drove into Italy, stopping in Liechtenstein (to say we had been). Going, we drove over the Alps and returned back via the tunnels through the Alps (as it was dark). Utterly amazing drive! As evidence, I offer the pictures below!

Driving through the Swiss Alps Driving to Italy

Late Night Contiki

Working late from Monday evening till Tuesday morning to get some of the Contiki timer issues fixed. I think I have corrected a bug with the Contiki rtimer code for the TelosB mote, but that remains to be seen. The code functions great in the simulator with the modded timer library, but still doesn’t work on hardware.